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Current and recent courses are listed below.

Standard-Compliant Development of Safety-Critical Systems

When safety is a major concern, the ordinary methods of software engineering must be adapted. Standards to be applied have a considerable impact on the number and quality of design artifacts. After an introduction to these requirements, an assignment from the rail domain serves to substantiate the subject.
Last held: WS 2012/13
Next planned: WS 2013/14

Test Technologies for Embedded Systems Software

The courdse gives an introduction to general test theory, approaches and practice, with an emphasis on the application to embedded systems software. Model based test technologies are introduced and applied to a case study from current practice.
Last held: SS 2013
Next planned: SS 2014

Introduction to the Security of Information Systems

This course covers the main issues connected to the construction of secure systems: security goals, attacks and risks, threat and risk analysis, construction principles, along with application examples.
Last held: SS 2011
Next planned: --

The Turing Omnibus

This course, which is based on Dewdeney's book with the same title, introduces fundamentals of computer science in a form accessible also to students from other faculties. Central ideas, the nature and power of mechanical computing and concepts of information and coding theory form the main part of its material.
Last held: SS 2007
Next planned: --

Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems

This course explored the application of formal methods in supporting the engineering of systems. It covered tools of different degree of maturity, ranging from research prototypes to ones in industrial use.
Last held: WS 2006/07
Next planned: --