PD Dr. Hardi Hungar
Hardi Hungar
CvOU Oldenburg Dependable System Design
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Mobile: +49 151 25996023
E-Mail: <hardi.hungar[[at]]uni-oldenburg.de>
DLR TS German Aerospace Center
Institute of Transportation Systems
Lilienthalplatz 7
38108 Braunschweig, Germany
Phone: +49 531 295 3142
E-Mail: <hardi.hungar[[at]]dlr.de>





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Dependable System Design

As a computer scientist, I study the information processing aspects of embedded systems. In the division Rail Systems of the Institute for Transportations Systems at the DLR, I am concerned with methods for designing dependable rail systems.


A particular focus of my work are testing technologies and their applications. The quality requirements of rail systems are regularly rather high, and testing as a means for quality assurance plays an important role in their development.

Standard Conformance

Safety-critical rail systems have to be developed according to strict regulations. Mandatory rules and recommendations from the relevant standards (CENELEC EN 50126 and EN 50128, for instance) lead to very specific processes to be followed. As a consequence, methods and tools from computer science which are in common use have to adapted for this domain. The challenge is to find a good compromise between (absolute) assurance and effort. And, of course, testing is employed in many different ways and forms.

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